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Handling Difficult Discussions


Tue, 16 Jun 2020 09:30 - 12:30




Safeguarding in Education

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This session is open to any staff members from education settings and provides an opportunity to boost confidence in facilitating difficult discussions within their school or college, including on subjects like Prevent. The workshop is highly interactive and techniques used are based on a programme developed by the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Peace Foundation. This course is suitable for those who have received face-to-face local Prevent training previously.


This training is predominantly focused on building confidence in discussing sensitive or controversial issues within a school setting. The course is interactive and provides staff with an opportunity to explore techniques of approaching complex topics through a range of activities which may or may not be replicated in their setting with pupils, parents or colleagues. The aim of the course is to develop not only an understanding of how to hold difficult discussions but also why these incidents may occur from a social/psychological perspective and why these conversations are significant in terms of wider safeguarding.


- To think about difficult conversations within education settings- identifying where and why they occur, and why they are important
- To think about how this links with the Prevent Duty
- To understand concepts of unconscious bias and responses to difficult conversations
- To build our own approaches to initiating and holding difficult conversations, including those linked to Prevent and wider safeguarding
- To develop confidence in facilitating difficult conversations and resolving conflict


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