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Explanatory guides for The Hub

We have created a number of video guides to explain more about The Hub, why it was set up, who it is for and how to use its features. Begin by watching our short introduction videos about The Hub and The Hub's Community below:



Other videos

Please click on the links below to see demonstrations on how to use various aspects of The Hub website:

Video for senior leaders of schools and early years settings in Waltham Forest

Please watch our video introducing a unique feature of The Hub website for senior leaders (namely Headteachers, School Business Managers and Chairs of Governors of schools and Owners, Managers and Chairs of Trustees of Ofsted-registered Early Years settings): a hidden documents area for each school and setting, which contains important documents between the Council and your organisation. These documents can only be accessed by you and selected Council staff through your registered accounts on The Hub. Click here to watch the video.

More videos will be created in future, further explaining the various aspects and functions of The Hub, so keep watching this space!

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Monday, 12 October, 2015
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