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Creating improvised stories using Light, Music and Narrative in Special Education


Fri, 28 Feb 2020 09:30 - 15:30


Vestry House Museum


William Morris Gallery Schools Programme

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We will create the story The Fish who lives out of Water. Attendees will work creatively with the outline, and explore ways to evoke the artist, play and communication and increase personal expression.


1. Elicit an awareness of art and the artist in everyone. Teachers as artists.

2. Evoking the artist; how artists work collectively and the range of art they use.

3. The trainees, through exercises, generate the bare bones of a story

4. The trainees play with the story - behaving as artists and projecting possibilities.

After the initial training day there will be opportunities for follow up visits to Whitefield School to watch and experience the story evolving with their pupils.

The facilitators:

Phil McDermott (storyteller)
Helen Maurer (Light Artist)
Peter Whelan (Music therapist).

All materials and refreshments included. Please bring a packed lunch.


To equip the trainees with a notion and awareness of what art means with ways and materials to work with a mixed group of children on an arts project or arts related learning. The training will focus primarily adults working with children with profound needs who work and learn within mixed groups.

To increase awareness of the relationship between play and communication in our development.

To explore how the arts facilitate personal expression and the development of the sense of self that ensures everyone achieves their full potential.

To create an improvised story using narrative, light and music which will become an installation in local schools as part of arts week in June 2020.


Suitable for all those who work with special needs in Waltham Forest schools and other educational settings.