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WF Traded Services logoIn 2015 Waltham Forest Council commenced a set of activities to develop WF Traded Services, the part of the Council that manages the services that we offer to schools and other educational settings.

As part of this, the Council has a new, online, order management system called WF Online. This is the same system that is in use in about 30 other local authorities, including some of our neighbouring boroughs.

WF Online allows your staff members to place orders for services (both subscription and pay as you go), which will subsequently be authorised by a senior staff member before the order is sent through to our services for delivery. At any given time, your school will be able to see what it has purchased over the last year or for any given period within it.

In addition, your staff and governors will also be able to access a full catalogue of training courses, book themselves onto them, receive confirmation and eventually a certificate of attendance or qualification. Again with authorisation by a senior manager.

For those of you who purchase our catering service, the introduction of WF Online will be of even more significance as it will enable us to simplify and automate the process for recording the number of meals provided. In future, our chief cook will meet with your school's bursar or business manager on a regular basis and agree the number of meals provided. This number will then be entered into WF Online as agreed and audited, which will then be fed directly into our invoicing process. This will help both of us in minimising disputed figures and ensuring speedy reconciliation of invoice and payment.

WF Online will be used for all traded services and for all course/event bookings in future (whether they are free LA events or those with a cost). It is a closed system though, so you must register and have an account on The Hub first, making sure to specify the school/organisation in Waltham Forest you are linked to, and then you will be sent log-in details for WF Online separately. If you are already registered on The Hub, but have not specified which school/organisation you are linked to, please email The Hub with these details so that we can amend your profile to create your account in WF Online.

If you are from a non-Waltham Forest school or setting, or an organisation in Waltham Forest not registered with Ofsted, and you want to book onto a course/event, please create an account directly in WF Online in the first instance, rather than The Hub.

You can continue to view our existing offer of non-traded local authority services and support, with relevant contact details, as well as details of the Universal Offer to schools and academies and Early Years support services, by following the links below:

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