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7. Materials and Resources

Early Years Foundation Stage

Every childcare provision should have sufficient resources for the number of children that it is registered for. A good place to start to think about what activities you will be running and what materials you will need to run this course. Speaking to other local childcare providers and consulting with children and parents is a good place to start with planning on the activities that you may wish to deliver.

The Out of School Alliance has produced a useful suppliers directory, which has full details of good quality and good value products that can be purchased when setting up your provision.

In addition to providing resources for activities, you will also need to provide drinking cups and plates for snacks.

When completing your business plan ensure that every setting has significant resources for the number of children registered.


1. Establish the need2. Determine the business structure3. Identify sources of funding4. Premises5. Registration with Ofsted6. Staffing and Employment7. Materials and Resources8. Policies and Procedures9. Marketing and Promotion

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