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Waltham Forest Strategic Education Partnership (WFSEP)

Education in Waltham Forest

In Waltham Forest we recognise and promote the power of partnership working. Our partners are families, education providers, the local authority and other key professional groups. We all have a role in ensuring that the Waltham Forest offer is amongst the best in the country. The Waltham Forest Strategic Education Partnership (WFSEP) enables all our partners to work together as effectively as possible.

The WFSEP aims to:

  • Agree and deliver a shared ambition and strategic priorities for education in Waltham Forest
  • Improve outcomes for children and make Waltham Forest a centre for excellence in urban education
  • Establish a framework for robust school-to-school support in the borough
  • Maximise use of resources by identifying opportunities to collaborate

The remit of the WFSEP is as follows:

  • Approval and monitoring of a borough wide education improvement strategy
  • Evaluation of educational performance and agreement of ambitious borough targets
  • Review of data to identify areas of provision needing further improvement
  • Development and approval of key policies linked to education improvement
  • Establishing and monitoring time related work-streams (solutions groups) linked to priority areas
  • Receipt of reports into key national or local education policy developments
  • Overview and administration of funding from the local authority or partner bodies
  • Overview of quality assurance of Council services for schools

Strategic issues

The WFSEP monitors six core strategic issues: Achievement; Funding; Places and School admissions; Inclusion; Safeguarding; and System Improvement. Each strategic issue has a key forum as illustrated in the diagram below.

For further details on these forums, please click on the links below:



Places and School Admissions



System Improvement (in development)

Logged-in users can view the membership of the WFSEP which is attached as a downloadable document at the bottom of this page.


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