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Ofsted webinar for Early Years Practitioners in London


Tue, 29 Nov 2016 19:30 - 20:30


Online webinar


Early Years Teaching and Learning Support


This webinar will focus on:

• the future of early years inspection
• unknown children, destined for disadvantage
• when and why to notify Ofsted
• your questions answered.


This webinar is a follow up to a previous webinar that was held earlier this summer with early years practitioners, which focused on EY inspections and dispelling some of the common myths around inspections.

The panel includes:

• Mike Sheridan HMI (Regional Director for London)
• Lee Ryan, Deputy Director, Early Years Operations
• Lee Owston HMI (Early Years National Specialist Advisor)
• Michelle Winter HMI (Senior HMI London region)
• Wendy Ratcliff HMI (Early Years HMI London)
• Debra Davey (Early Years Regulatory Inspector London).


We want your views

Because of the numbers all attendees’ microphones will be switched off. This doesn’t mean that the session isn’t interactive. You’ll be able to give your views through some very easy to use features of the webinar system i.e. type and send questions in, give your views through online voting and press a button that raises your hand. Your views and comments are confidential and not visible to other attendees.

At the beginning of the presentation there is a ‘how to use things’ explanation so please make sure you dial in early to ensure you don’t miss that.

Booking information:

To access, register now at

There are some questions to complete when you register and an opportunity to let us know what things you would like us to cover.

Following registration you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


If you are a childminder or you work in a pre-school early years setting in London this is an ideal opportunity to get involved with the conversation with Ofsted.