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EYFSP Moderation Conference


Wed, 30 Jan 2019 09:00 - 15:00


Gilwell Park Bury Road, Chingford London E4 7QW United Kingdom


Early Years, Childcare & Business Development Service

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The conference will cover:
- Communication and Language -LBWF EYFSP data 2017/2018 was below national average in Communication and Language – this conference will support EYFS leads to unpick why this is and ways to support and teach to aid in tackling any underperformance.
- Mathematics
- Narrowing the gap between boys and girls


The annual EYFS P Moderation conference will:
• offer an insight into LBWF EYFSP data
• provide an update on the EYFSP Moderation process for 2018/2019
• Focus on Communication and Language and Mathematics in the early years.
• Provide networking opportunities and breakout sessions to learn more about how local schools teach Communication and Language and mathematic in Early Years.
• Offer ways to support boys learning and narrow the attainment gap between boys and girls.


Participants will leave with an understanding of:
• the local and national EYFSP data
• practical ways to support Communication and Language and Mathematics.
• Supporting boys learning and narrow the gender gap across the EYFS.

Booking information:

For all Booking and Training Queries, please contact Temi Adeniji or Elisha Brett - or call 02084962909/02084961459


This training is for al EYFS leads or Reception Teachers and Practitioners