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Academy Schools Governance Explained


Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:00 - 21:00


Waltham Forest Town Hall


Governor Services


This course will clarify the differences for governing boards that already are academies or
are considering converting to an academy. It will focus on the differences in governance
of academy schools and seek to answer the many questions that governors are likely to
have as well as explaining the conversion process for those schools exploring becoming
an academy.


This course is appropriate for governors, Trustees and Directors of maintained and
academy schools.
The Outcomes of the session:
• To explain the range of different structures of academy schools
• To outline the different governance arrangements for each structure
• To detail the steps involved in converting to an academy
• To consider what is important when considering becoming an academy
This course is not intended to promote conversion to academy status or any one model,
but to support schools in considering the implications of each academy structure model
for their school.
The course will include the DFE’s latest views as expressed in the White Paper
“Educational Excellence Everywhere” and the implications of the latest policies outlined
by the DFE.
The course is appropriate for governors of existing academies who wish to understand
more the different structure and also for governors of those schools considering
converting to an academy or joining an academy chain in the future.


This course aims to give governors:
• An explanation of the governance structures in academy schools;
• How these structures differ from maintained schools;
• Where further information can be obtained

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All governors and directors of maintained and academy schools