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Education Performance Team


Jo Bell, Education Performance & Information Lead
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Performance Information, Data & Insight


The Education Performance and Information team are part of the Council’s Business Intelligence Unit. They provide support to schools, and teams within the LA that support schools, by delivering performance information & data in a way that maximises its communication power and provides insight that will feed into performance management and strategic decision making.


This service allows schools to access the performance information & data that flows between the DfE, OfSTED, Waltham Forest and the schools themselves, however, with the additional benefit of the information being tailored to each individual school.

There are four elements to the service:
- School Information Dashboard (SID)
- Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Aspire Data at a discounted Local Authority (LA) price
- Support for and access to Perspective Lite (an interactive data tool)
- Primary to Secondary Transfer report


The SID presents performance information & data for each school in one coherent dashboard. Set out in logical sections, the dashboard uses clear graphs and other graphical objects such as GIS maps to increase the communication power of the information and its usefulness in providing insight and evidence for strategic management decision making.

Having the data in this format enables analysis of trends, comparisons with LA and national averages and contrasts between contextual groups. The ‘at a glance’ summary grid allows a quick overview of school context and outcomes. The report can help schools with self-evaluation and Ofsted preparation.

For secondary schools, the SID sections on pupil characteristics, attendance and exclusions are available. Primary schools benefit from assessment outcomes sections.

In 18/19, schools buying the SID will also get a copy of the data summary used by the School Improvement Team to monitor schools.


FFT Aspire is a reporting and data tool for schools and local authorities. FFT Aspire provides key target setting and school performance evaluation information, using the latest curriculum and accountability measures - quick and easy to access and providing in-depth analysis to support future planning and preparation for Ofsted inspections.

FFT Aspire is visual and user friendly, presenting complex data in a way that can be easily understood and interpreted. FFT Aspire helps key staff from teachers to senior leaders to make decisions and inform practice, all based on robust data.

FFT Aspire uses tried and tested approaches from the Fischer Family Trust based on informed and independent national research. FFT delivers you the latest pupil performance information with valid comparisons across a wide range of indicators. Forward looking pupil and school information is available for all pupils and self-evaluation dashboards for results at national assessment points.

By ordering a large number of schools, the LA is able to offer a discounted rate for schools, compared with going directly to FFT.


This product from Angel Solutions allows schools to look at data and find news. Sections include:
• NOVA reporting
• News Aggregator
• Infographic Generator
• Realtime Data Dashboard

Most LAs nationally are using Nexus to upload and check primary assessment data. The Team can enable access to NOVA reports so that primary schools can see an early draft LA and National picture of emerging results. These are available before DfE publications or other products such as ASP.

Secondary schools can access NOVA performance reports when the KS4 and KS5 data has been released to Nexus by the DfE.


Piloted in 2017, we are pleased to offer this new service to our secondary schools.
As soon as provisional KS2 results become available in the summer term, we match them to the list of students due to start at the secondary school in September. Pupil characteristics data is also matched in, where available.

Schools receive:
• A list of pupils due to attend in September with matched assessment outcomes and characteristics
• A table showing outcomes by characteristics, enabling schools to identify under-performing groups before the year group is enrolled
• Charts help visualise the data