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Energy Efficiency & Management Support


Nimish Shah
Energy Manager
020 8496 6953

Save Money and Energy in your School


The Energy & Carbon Reduction Team will support your school to save money on utility bills by improving energy efficiency (i.e. how effectively schools use electricity, gas and water), through careful energy management of bills, assistance with adopting an energy policy and monitoring consumption.


The Schools Energy Efficiency and Management support will include the following:

• We undertake energy audits, follow up audits and submit action plans with recommendations.
• We provide advice and assistance with Capital Funding Bids to implement energy efficiency projects.
• We carry out renewal of statutory Display Energy Certificate (DEC) assessments and submit Advisory Reports for buildings with more than 250 sq metres in floor area.
• We deliver bespoke sustainability education sessions for pupils, plus energy policy workshops for senior managers to formulate energy policy and increase staff awareness at the school.
• We will support your school with energy contracts and offer procurement advice.
• We undertake checking of invoices for accuracy and quarterly reporting of utility use against benchmarks. We also offer support to identify and advise on billing errors and utility metering issues.
• We will offer utilities monitoring via Council’s “Systems Link” energy management software. Schools would have their own dedicated webpage and could submit on line meter readings. This would automatically monitor consumption, identify spikes in usage and generate monitoring reports.

More details


• • Whitehall Primary, Leytonstone Secondary, Edinburgh and Mission Grove Schools successfully awarded £240,000 of SALIX funding to upgrade its existing lighting to LEDs. The works will be completed over Christmas holidays and the school will achieve financial savings once the upgrade works are completed.
• Completed 9 energy efficiency surveys to implement measures and realise savings. The Energy Surveys have identified potential savings from a combination of “no cost” and “costed” energy efficiency projects of c.£10K and 44t CO2 for each school. The surveys show average annual forecast cost savings of 45% at £10k per year
• Energy Survey audit findings have influenced capital works being carried out by the Council’s Schools Capital Programme Delivery Team. 5 schools had energy efficiency works carried out from replacing old boilers with new efficient boilers, saving an average £2k and 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.
• 50 schools signed up for 2016-20 Gas and Electricity Framework Contracts for cheaper prices through the combined buying power of organisations joining together to get cheaper rates. The electricity is being supplied by Npower and gas by Total Gas and Power (TGP) under the LBWF/LASER Framework contracts. If any schools haven’t yet received any invoices from Npower or TGP through LASER since October 2016, please contact the energy management team.
• Using “SystemsLink” Energy Manager Database to monitor both corporate and schools consumption and providing meter reads to the suppliers on a monthly basis to eliminate estimated invoicing.
• Energy surveys on Waltham Forest schools have shown up to 25% savings on average from energy efficiency installations as recommended from the energy site survey reports and follow up audits. We will also advise about potential external funding sources, if internal budgets cannot be identified by schools.
• Schools need to continue to focus on reducing their energy consumption, particularly as energy bills are predicted to rise by around 25% in 5 years. All of these actions will help schools to not only save money but also CO2 emissions.

For more detailed achievements please read our most recent Newsletter, which can be found in the Downloads section on the right hand side of the page.