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Early Years, Childcare & Business Development Service


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Improve standards and raise attainment in the Early Years


The early years, childcare and business development service (the service) is responsible for delivering and managing support services, on behalf of the Council, to all early years providers in Waltham Forest.


The service supports early years providers with delivery of the early years foundation stage, business and workforce development, safeguarding, services for SEND children, health & safety, leadership and management, as well as using digital platforms to support delivery of high quality early years provision.

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Our ambition for early years in Waltham Forest is that all young children and their families, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) are able to reach their potential by having the best possible start in life through the provision of high quality, integrated early childhood services and to prepare them for school.

The service has developed a universal core offer for all providers which can be found on the Hub. In addition, we are also offering a traded offer, which can be tailored to the needs of each provider for a small fee. The traded offer enables providers to receive specialist dedicated support beyond the universal offer provided by the early years team.