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Accountancy and Financial Services


Sanjaya Gunatilake, Group Accountant
020 8496 3517

Supporting schools with quality accountancy and financial advice services and enabling schools to perform essential financial processes


We are qualified accountancy professionals who are familiar with the challenges that schools face both on a day to day basis and strategically. We can provide training and support to schools to enable schools to meet the particular demands of financial planning, monitoring and reporting in FMS systems.


Enables schools to meet the challenges of ensuring that the accounting for public funds are complete, accurate and valid and that schools are able.

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FMS Support - Subscription Service

The aim of this service is to enable school staff involved in finance to gain the confidence to undertake the tasks, procedures and reporting expected under Financial Delegation.

We will offer regular FMS training packages – introductory or refresher training for existing school staff and annual (or ad hoc) training for new starters.

Helpline Support will be offered via email and telephone to assist schools with immediate solutions.

Finance and Accountancy Services – Pay As You Go

Budget Planning
Support and Advice to enable the calculation of the school’s annual budget, or with modelling the school budget plans over the current and following three financial years, linked to the School Development Plan, using HCSS or FMS budgeting software. This includes assistance with recovery planning, planning for accounts closure and budget monitoring

Finance Team Temporary Cover
Temporary cover can be supplied for maternity and long term absences to cover financial duties and/or support can offered for the appointment of temporary or permanent Business Managers.

On Site Visits and Training
On site visits can be provided to support the school with new initiatives e.g. capital programme, new staffing proposals, grant bids. Visits are also available to support the school with backlogs of financial /accounting tasks.

For Academies support can be offered on a pay as you use basis for one off pieces of work, including Medium Term Financial planning.

Bespoke training can be offered to individuals or small group of users (3-6) e.g. new Head Teachers and Bursars. Training can be supplied as set Modules or provided as a fixed number of hours over a year.

Financial Training
The aim of this service is to give Staff and Governors the confidence to undertake the tasks, procedures and reporting expected under Financial Delegation.

This training will enable service staff and governors to understand topics such as; DfE and School Funding arrangements; Setting Annual School Budgets; Medium Term Financial Planning; Budget Monitoring & variance analysis; and /Financial Systems and procedures.