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Training for EY practitioners

HENRY logo1. A Healthy Start in Childcare

Providing a good start for young children

HENRY is providing a one day course for daycare staff and childminders that will provide practical information on nutrition and activities for young children.

Along with this there will be tools to manage behaviour for physical and emotional well-being.

Logged-in users can find out more about this training in the downloadable flyer at the bottom of the page.

2. The HENRY 1-to-1 Programme

Intervening effectively when babies and young children are at risk of obesity

The HENRY 1-to-1 Programme applies a solution-focused and strength-based approach to targeted work with families - to protect children from the long-term physical and emotional consequences of obesity and help the whole family adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The HENRY 1-to-1 Programme is supported by a one-day Advanced Training for health and early years practitioners who have already completed the HENRY Core Training. The intervention is underpinned by a set of resources to:

  • explore lifestyle issues
  • develop motivation for change
  • set goals with a family
  • record outcomes and evidence of impact

To find out more about HENRY and workforce development, please contact them on 020 8496 5223 or

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