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Early Years Educational Psychology Support

About our service

The Waltham Forest Schools Forum has previously agreed DSG funding to support children under 5, accessing their free early education (FEEE) with a Private, Voluntary & Independent (PVI) sector provider, that have a special educational need or disability, but do not have an EHC plan or statement.

For 2016/17 this has been extended to all PVI sector and Schools providing Free Early Education funded via the Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF) for under 5s (excluding children in a school reception class).

What we offer

Educational Psychologists will carry out an initial assessment visit to Ofsted-registered Early Years providers as requested/referred by the school SENCO/Area SENCO to support them in establishing whether the SEND support plan in place is effectively meeting the needs of the child and consider further intervention where needed.

EPs will aim to carry out support visits within 4 weeks of referral from Area SENCO/School SENCO.

The initial assessment visit will aim to include a meeting with parent/carers.

Following the visit the EP will aim to write up the revised SEND support plan and their SEND provision mapping advice (Assessment Summary) and provide this to the setting/school within 8 days of the visit.

In addition a range of training for practitioners as well as support and advice materials will be produced for The Hub based on:

  • positive behaviour management,
  • using visual supports,
  • identifying SEND and working with children with social and communication difficulties,
  • other additional needs which are identified as an area of concern by the Universal Teaching and Learning Visits and Area SENCO visits.

These support and advice materials can be found in the Teaching & Learning section of The Hub

Logged-in users can download below a flowchart which demonstrates the pathway of how PVI settings should access SEND support.


Fiona Davey, Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist
020 8496 1740

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Last updated: 18 October 2016 by Barry Fong