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About our service

Our service is a not-for-profit service and aims to help you manage your existing ICT services and infrastructure, helping you to meet your daily ICT and Ofsted requirements.

We have years of local knowledge, familiarity with the staff and schools, and experience in the support of multi-million pound new school and improvement ICT projects in the borough. Whether your requirements are for major ICT improvement projects or advice about your ICT requirements, we can be your ideal partner.

What we offer

  • Consultancy services to assist schools with managing and getting maximum value out of their existing ICT contracts
  • ICT project management services for anything from small scale works to large infrastructure projects
  • Additional support for LGfL services to enhance the existing provision
  • Procurement services utilising ICT frameworks to ensure best value for money achieved
  • Support in the recruitment of third party support providers
  • Support for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) following new installations

Benefits of using our service

  • A local team supporting local schools
  • Not-for-profit service means lower costs to you
  • Experience of supporting large value projects
  • Links to multi-agency support, including building services and FF&E
  • Support with innovation and best practice, helping you with mobile devices and new teaching methods
  • Pupils and staff can benefit from reliable and up-to-date ICT
  • Help you stand up to existing ICT providers and understand complicated ICT documentation
  • One-stop-shop for all your procurement needs
  • Flexible support packages
  • A trusted partner of LGfL 2, to help you get the best understanding of what you already pay for and what other services would benefit you
  • Innovative solutions support but at down to earth budgeting
  • A flexible and friendly approach to provide you with the service you want


Ertan Nazim

Schools ICT Support Service

07968 402 384

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Last updated: 27 February 2015 by Arjun Gadhvi