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Pupil Premium - The Virtual School for Looked After Children (LAC)

Guidance for Schools & Colleges

The guidelines available below set out the position that the Waltham Forest Virtual School will be taking in relation to the distribution of Pupil Premium from April 2014. Logged-in users can also download below the Pro forma document for schools to use in conjunction with the PEP (Personal Education Plan) to indicate how Pupil Premium will be spent for the benefit of the LAC.

Early years pupil premium

In April 2015 pupil premium payments were introduced to give Early Years education providers additional funding for disadvantaged 3 and 4 year olds. The guidelines also confirm that Virtual Schools will hold the budget and have responsibility for the distribution of this payment for Looked After Children who will now be subject to education planning through the PEP process.

The Virtual School is also responsible for confirming eligibility of the Looked After Children who are in the care of their local authority, so Pupil Premium for children who are looked after by Waltham Forest will be managed and distributed by the Waltham Forest Virtual School regardless of the location of the Early Years provision.

Logged-in users can download below the Early Years Pupil Premium Claim Form for LAC 2015-2016 for Early Years education providers to use.


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Wednesday, 22 July, 2015
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