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Safeguarding in Education Service - Guidance and relevant information from service

Early Years Foundation Stage

Find out about the Council’s service in this areaThe Safeguarding in Education Service provides advice, support and training in matters of child protection for the designated safeguarding lead with responsibility for child protection in schools, colleges and early years settings. This page provides guidance and relevant information from the service.

Follow this link to download Waltham Forest Council's model safeguarding policies for schools and early years settings.

Training and events

Training for designated safeguarding leads in schools and colleges is offered termly to guide and assist them in understanding and applying best practice and procedures in the field, as laid down within the statutory provision.

Training courses and events that may be useful to designated staff responsible for child protection in education.

  • Child Protection Training for Designated Safeguarding Leads - new dates for Academic Year 2016/2017 are to be confirmed. Please search the Events and Training section on The Hub for any updates on any upcoming safeguarding training and events. 
  • Safeguarding Forums - new dates for Academic Year 2016/2017 have been uploaded in the Events and Training section on The Hub.

Directly below you will find a list of useful links in relation to training and events. 

Useful documents and resources attached

Below you will find a diverse selection of links, documents and resources attached for you to download at the bottom of the page as a registered user. They are broken down into the following broad areas: 

General forms and useful documents

Guidance documents

The following documents are guides useful to designated child protection leads.

Some of these documents are in PDF format. To view them you may need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Local guidance, policies and procedures

These are examples of policies that could be used and/or adapted to your setting, as well as guidance and procedures to follow.

Serious case reviews

To be reviewed by all education and early years settings, regarding lessons to be learned.

  • Plymouth City Council Serious Case Review
  • North Somerset Serious Case Review - Government recommendation
  • Policy Briefing 99 - Five Recent Serious Case Reviews

Useful contacts

If you work in education, health, social care or for the police in Waltham Forest you can use the list of key contacts for child protection issues in Waltham Forest to find someone to speak to, answer your questions or help with any concerns you might have about a child.

  • Key contacts for children protection issues in Waltham Forest
  • Out of Borough Child Protection Contacts
Other links to useful resources for professionals around safeguarding


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