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On this page, Claire Mulrenan, Public Health Strategist - Health in Schools, LBWF, describes a range of resources for Primary schools around CSE. Some of the resources link to external websites, whereas some of the resources can be downloaded from the bottom of the page after logging-in.

Resource Title Brief Description Key Stages covered Type of resource Additional considerations
Alright Charlie Short, thought provoking film (15 mins) produced by the BLAST project in North East England, designed in consultation with CSE professionals, primary school teachers and children in school years 5 and 6. Focus on grooming. Accompanied by teacher guidance, workbook and poster.
Click here for video.
Logged-in users can download additional resources at the bottom of the page.
Children aged 9-11 Film, Student Workbook, Teacher Guidance, Poster Gender neutral - 'Charlie' can be interpreted as M/F - so appropriate for all groups.
NSPCC Underwear rule resources Variety of resources aimed at protecting children from harm and abuse.
Good introduction and some useful activities, especially body labelling and 'PANTS' rule.
Click here for web page.
KS2 (early)
Lesson plan, PowerPoint, pupil resources, teacher guidance etc. Useful for parent work/parent discussion.
NSPCC Safer Schools Project Free, interactive assemblies and workshops delivered by specially trained staff and volunteers. Introduces forms of abuse, signs to look for, and how to get help. Separate infant and junior assemblies plus Y5/6 safeguarding workshop.
Click here for more information.
Separate KS1 and KS2 assemblies, safeguarding workshop with Y5 & 6. Information and resources for parents available for schools to distribute.
Capacity can be an issue (gets fully booked), but WF Early Help team to be trained in delivery.
NSPCC "I saw your willy" Short video (1 min) highlighting the dangers of sharing sexually explicit images - Useful introduction to issues around online sharing.
Click here for video.
KS2 (early)
Video Some parents might have an issue with the word 'willy'- would need to be managed.
Expect Respect Toolkit Not CSE specific - Focus on prevention of domestic and sexual violence. Lesson plans for reception to Y6.
Logged-in users can download the toolkit at the bottom of the page.
Following may be particularly relevant as a good foundation:
Y1: keeping a secret/ 'bad secrets'
Y2: Challenging statements
Y5: Secrets and Stories
Lesson plans Not sufficient to cover CSE topic - Would need to be done alongside additional resources.
Thinkuknow resources Variety of resources available around online safety
Click here for resources for 5-7 years
Click here for 8-10
Click here for 11-13
Click here for teacher resources
  Videos, worksheets, information Not sufficient to cover CSE - Need to also consider grooming in everyday context in addition to online safety.
Safety Plan for Young People Emergency safety plan included, with contacts and spaces for yp to fill in. Could form part of lesson plan as a useful add-on.
Click here for leaflet.
KS2 Activity/Leaflet Not all pages appropriate - Would just use the safety plan section at the end.
Growing up with Yasmine and Tom (FPA) Free sample lesson plans with accompanying interactive whiteboard activities on: 1. Parts of the body, 2. Photos of myself online, and 3. Social networking
Logged-in users can download the lesson plans at the bottom of the page.
For interactive whiteboard activities click here.
KS2: Y3 and Y4 Lesson plans, including interactive whiteboard activities Good introduction to online safety but does not cover grooming.
Barnardo's wud u app? Wud u? app from Barnardo's, downloadable on iPhone. Includes case studies on grooming and online safety. Parent/carer section also included.
Click here to download.
Logged-in users can download the poster at the bottom of the page.
KS2 (Upper years) App Multi cultural and gender neutral. Not currently available on Android.
Warning Signs & Vulnerabilities Checklist (CSE) Checklist from Office of the Children's Commissioner. Would farm part of staff training.
Logged-in users can download the checklist at the bottom of the page.
N/A Teacher guidance - Checklist Useful to circulate to teachers before work undertaken.
Spot the Signs professionals leaflet (Barnardo's) Barnardo's leaflet on spotting the signs of CSE. Would form part of staff training in addition to checklist above.
Logged-in users can download the leaflet at the bottom of the page.
N/A Professionals leaflet Useful to circulate to teachers before work undertaken.
Other resources The following resources are useful but would need adapting:
Friend or Foe:  Lesson plans targeted at Secondary aged pupils but could be adapted for Primary context.
KS2 Safe Touch Lesson Plans: Includes boundaries, personal risky situations and identifying 'safe people'.
North Somerset Primary Healthy Relationships Guidance: Includes units of work for KS1 and KS2. Some useful resources including boy/girl outlines.
Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood resource: For young people with ASD. Relevant and useful for pupils with ASD, although targeted more at Secondary pupils - and section on laws based on Scottish context. Sections 5-7 particularly relevant.
Logged-in users can download all of these at the bottom of the page.
    Useful starting points but would need adapting.

Many thanks to the Task and Finish Group for their support in collating resources: John Yates-Harold (Jenny Hammond Primary), Sarah Edwards (Buxton School), Sohani Rauf (Ainslie Wood Primary), Jahsynth Ramsay (LBWF), Julia Kent (LBWF), Caroline Roughley (NSPCC), Lisa Witherden (Safer London) and Rita Ali (LBWF).

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