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It is important for parents/carers to be informed about CSE and in cases where children are at risk of/experiencing CSE this information should be shared with the parents/carers and they should be included in the safety planning where possible.

In the same way that children can be groomed by those exploiting them, parents/carers can also be groomed or coerced into allowing the exploiters access to their child. Research and high profile serious case reviews have shown that family members of children experiencing CSE can often be threatened, coerced or intimidated by the exploiters in order for them to have more power and control over the child. Parents and carers should not be blamed for the situation that their child is in, rather supported to be more informed about CSE and enabled to respond to the risks that their child is facing.

There are specific services for parents who may have a child at risk of/experiencing CSE. PACE are a national charity who can provide practical and emotional over-the-phone support to parents as well as providing advice and guidance to professionals. There is also a useful pack available for parents whose child has shared an indecent image of themselves.

See a list of useful links for schools to share with parents on e-safety.

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Thursday, 2 February, 2017
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