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Statutory Guidance for School Governance

Guidance for Schools & Colleges

Governors must be aware of the DfE's advice on the policies and documents that governing bodies and proprietors of schools are required to have by law.

The Governance section of The Hub is intended to help governors and school leaders understand the responsibilities in meeting statutory requirements.

Governing Bodies have a statutory responsibility to review, implement and monitor some of the school's policies linked to education. In addition to those education-focused statutory policies, there are other school policies, documents and procedures that are deemed statutory by other legislation or indeed referenced in other statutory documentation.

Where Governing Bodies subscribe to Governor Services support, statutory and good practice policy reviews are built into the Governing Body's annual cycle.

In terms of the policies required specifically in relation to 'governors', schools must have a policy/written documentation on:

  • A Sealed Instrument of Governance;
  • Governors' allowances (schemes for paying);
  • Minutes of, and papers considered at, meetings of the governing body and its committees; and
  • Register of business interests of headteachers and governors.

In addition to statutory documentation, it is considered good practice for governing bodies to:

  • review its own performance regularly;
  • publish an annual statement to explain how it has fulfilled its responsibilities, particularly referencing the core functions of the governing body;
  • publish on their website information about their members and their register of interests; and
  • publish on their website information about their members. The information they should publish should, as a minimum include for each governor:

- their name;
- their category of governor;
- which body appoints them;
- their term of office;
- the names of any committees the governor serves on; and
- details of any positions of responsibility such as chair or vice-chair.

Links to statutory guidance, regulations and procedures

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