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The Role of the Clerk

Guidance for Schools & Colleges

The Governance Handbook states that the Governing Body should secure the support and advice of an independent and professional clerk.

In 2014 the educational landscape raised the bar of expectation on governing bodies, including the roles of chair and clerk. It became essential for Governing Bodies to appoint a high-quality clerk to advise them on the nature of their functions and duties and ensure the governing body operates efficiently and effectively.

The National Governors' Association (NGA) defines the clerk as having the following roles in supporting the chair and governing body in achieving these expectations:

  • Providing advice to the governing body
  • Providing effective administration of meetings
  • Membership - supporting the governing body in dealing with membership issues and maintaining governor records
  • Managing information on behalf of the governing body
  • Undertaking relevant training and development to ensure professional practice is up to date

Governor Services believe that the role of the clerk is essential in securing good governance and therefore commits that all Clerks provided by WF Traded Services will have undergone a robust induction and training schedule including their required attendance at the 'National College Clerk's Development Programme'.

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Friday, 3 February, 2017
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