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The Role of the Chair of Governors

Guidance for Schools & Colleges

Governing Bodies are required to elect a Chair Person. This election is held at the first meeting of the governing body each academic year. The Governing Body can elect a Chair Person for more than a single year, but this must be agreed and documented appropriately.

The role of the Chair is to provide leadership to the governing body and ensure that governors/trustees fulfil their functions ensuring sound governance of the school(s). Chairs of Governors typically meet with the Headteacher on a fortnightly basis or more frequently if the need arises.

To be an effective Chair of Governors it is essential to ensure that the Governing Body and Headteacher have a shared sense of purpose, with a vision that is set and agreed for the school and that the Chair leads the bodies in monitoring the implementation of this agreed strategy.

Governor Services recommends that all Chairs of Governing Bodies/Committees and aspiring Chairs attend the 'Chairs of Governors Leadership Development programme'. The programme was developed by the National College and provides opportunities for Chairs and aspiring Chairs to develop their leadership skills.

Community Group for Chairs of Governors in Waltham Forest

If you are a Chair of Governors in Waltham Forest, it may interest you to know that there is a Community Group on The Hub for Chairs. It is a place where you can have discussions with other Chairs in the Borough, share documents and resources and receive updates from the Council's Governor Services team. Just click on 'Join Group' and, once accepted into the Group, you can start interacting with other Chairs.

Chairs' E-Bulletin

The Governor Services team publishes a regular newsletter, through which it aims to keep Chairs of Waltham Forest schools informed of key updates, strategies and events around governance.

Logged-in users can download past issues and the latest edition below.

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