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Waltham Forest Support Staff Pay Awards

The national employer's representatives and the recognised trade unions have agreed the following 2 year national pay award for support staff. The majority of employees - those on salaries starting at £19,524 per annum - would receive an uplift of one per cent on 1 April 2016 and a further one per cent on 1 April 2017, with those on lower salaries receiving higher increases to take account of the new National Living Wage.

These payments will be paid to all employees (working under the Green Book) whose pay is set in accordance with the NJC for Local Government Services pay arrangements, regardless of whether they are on permanent or temporary contracts.

Please refer to the communication sent to schools in May 2016.

Waltham Forest Teacher Pay Awards

The School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) recommendations for the pay award for 2016/17 have been accepted in full by the Government. These recommendations, which relate to the national pay ranges only and not to the pay of individual teachers, are as follows:

  • 1% uplift to the minima and maxima of all the pay ranges, including the eight head teacher group ranges.
  • 1% uplift to the minima and maxima of the TLR payments and SEN allowances ranges.

The minima and maxima of the pay ranges in the STPCD have been uprated accordingly.

i. Where a classroom teacher/leadership group member is paid on the minimum of their pay range/band, their salary – excluding any allowances – must be uplifted to the new minimum.
iii. For all other classroom teachers/leadership group members, schools must determine – in accordance with their own pay policy –how to take account of the uplift to the national framework in making individual pay progression decisions.

Logged-in users can download below a number of documents relating to the pay award:

  • Letter to schools from Waltham Forest Council (5 Sept 2016) - School Teachers' pay 2016/17
  • LGA circular (July 2016) - School Teachers' pay 2016/17
  • School salary scales

Department for Education (DfE) pay reform

Please see below some direct links to Department for Education (DfE) pay reform and wider school staffing information on the website. Hopefully these will enable you to find DfE information a little more easily.

You may wish to note three new documents entitled Managing appeals against pay determination, The use of evidence in appraisal and pay decisions and Equalities considerations as part of the appraisal and pay determination process. These are accessible via the second link below, then via Reviewing school leaders' and teachers' pay and conditions.

Page Title Section Link Content
Schools: statutory guidance
13. Staff employment and teachers pay A collection page of all statutory guidance. Includes a link to 'Staff Employment and Teachers' Pay.'
Schools: departmental advice
16. Staff employment and teachers' pay A collection page of all Departmental Guidance. Includes a link to 'Staff Employment and Teachers' Pay.'
School teachers' pay and conditions 2016
  Links to statutory guidance on pay and conditions for teachers in England and Wales.
School teachers' pay and conditions: guidance
  Links to departmental advice to help schools and governing bodies develop their approach to teachers' and leadership pay.
School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) Reports
  Links to STRB reports, evidence and written ministerial statements in relation to reports.


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