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Local Codes of Practice

Guidance for Schools & Colleges

The following Local Codes of Practice (LCoP) can be downloaded below, if you are logged-in. We have also made available any forms/checklists that the LCoPs have within them, as separate documents to download. The table below shows what documents are available.

Local Codes of Practice

No. Description
1 Accident/Injury Reporting
2 Animals in School
3 and 3a Asbestos and managing contractors
5 Conservation Area
6 Violence to Staff
7 Electricity Safety
9 Improving Security in Schools
10 Working at Heights/Use of Ladders
11 Manual Handling
13 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
14 Slips and Trips
15 Risk Assessment
16 DT Machinery
17 Lone Working
18 Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (CoSHH)
20 Water Hygiene (Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems)
21, 21a and 21b Workplace (Health and Safety) relating to Inspections (LCoP: 21 for Secondary Schools or 21a for Primary or Secondary; and 21b for use by teachers in all types of schools)
23 Schools Policy Template
24 Guidance for Off-site Visits and Related Activities 2016
25 Boiler Rooms
26 Stress
27 Safety Representatives and Safety Committee
28 Storage of Flammable Liquid e.g. LPG
29 Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
31 Wood working machines
32 Use of Equipment
34 Fire Safety at Work
35 First aid
36 Emergency Response Plan
38 Fire Marshall
39 Driving (if any staff drive school mini bus)
41 Mobile Phones

Other guidance documents

No. Description
1 Managing Medication in Schools and Early Years settings
2 Guidance on the use of emergency inhalers in schools
3 Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings - Public Health England
4 Hot weather advice for schools
5 Sun safety guidelines for schools
6 Guidance - providing shade
7 School Security Risk Analysis Questionnaire
8 Advice on IT Security at your School


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