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EVOLVE (for off-site visits)

Guidance for Schools & Colleges

The London Borough of Waltham Forest acknowledges the immense value of off-site visits and related activities to young people, and fully supports and encourages those that are well planned and managed. Please refer to Local Code of Practice No. 24 'Guidance for Off-Site Visits and Related Activities with National Guidance & EVOLVE' for further details.

The Local Authority uses the web-based system 'EVOLVE' to facilitate the efficient planning, management, approval, and evaluation of visits. It is currently in use in over 20,000 schools across 120 local authorities. The programme enables the efficient planning, management, approval, and evaluation of educational visits. All staff that lead or accompany visits have access to their own EVOLVE account, which is set up by their establishment's Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC). EVOLVE also contains a variety of features including: search and report facilities, downloadable resources, a link to the National Library staff records and visit history, on-line parental consent, etc.

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Thursday, 27 August, 2015
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