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3. My Story

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Step 3 My Story

What happens in the assessment?

If it is agreed to start a statutory Education, Health and Care assessment,  the Local Authority will ask all the professionals involved and the family, to complete all the necessary assessment reports.  There is a statutory deadline of 6 weeks for the reports to be completed.

The family will complete an [‘All about Me’ parent advice] which provides good, quality person centred information that can be used to develop the EHC Plan.

The child or young person can be supported to complete their [‘All about Me’] information and this can be in a variety of formats dependent on the individual needs of the child/young person.

Schools will complete the educational advice: [EHC Education Advice]

Additional information to support the development of the EHC Plan can also be submitted:

  • Child or young person - One Page Profile
  • Schools SEN Support Plan

On receipt of all the reports the SEN Officer will meet with the family to go through all of the information and co-develop the EHC Plan.

Schools can ask to be involved in developing the EHC Plan and provide support to families and the SEN Officer.

Please log-in to download the [‘All about Me’ parent advice] and [EHC Education Advice] documents referred to above.


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