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Settling in

Early Years Foundation Stage

What is a settling in sheet?

The settling in sheet is a 'summative assessment tool' that is used to summarise how the child has settled in to a new setting and to establish an 'on-entry' phase of the child's development. This is carried out six weeks after the child has started in their new setting. This is carried out by the allocated Key Person/Practitioner.

How to do it

The Key Person/Practitioner reads through all of the information collated in the child's learning record i.e. on-going notes, observations made to date and during the six week settling in period. The Key Person/Practitioner then uses this information to write a summary of how the child has settled in, how the child prefers to learn and the choices they make. At this stage the 'on-entry' stage of development is agreed with the parent/carer along with the next steps. This information is then plotted on the 'Tracking Sheet' as the initial starting point.

Logged-in users can download below a template settling in sheet from Waltham Forest Council for use in their own settings.


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