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Early Years Foundation Stage

Babies in Mind

Warwick University is offering a free 4 week online course starting on 27th March 2017, entitled Babies in Mind.

The course explores the importance of attachment and the vital role adults/parents play in this area of development.

Ted Talks – Harvard University

What do babies think?

'Children learn about the world much as scientists do—in effect, conducting experiments, analysing statistics and forming theories to account for their observations'. (Alison Gopnik 2010)

The ways in which adults respond to and engage babies will determine their social and language development during the early years.

So what is it that goes on in a babies mind?

'If you'd asked people this, 30 years ago, most people, including psychologists, would have said that this baby was irrational, illogical, egocentric -- that he couldn't take the perspective of another person or understand cause and effect. In the last 20 years, developmental science has completely overturned that picture. So in some ways, we think that this baby's thinking is like the thinking of the most brilliant scientists.' (Alison Gopnik 2011)

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Read Alison Gopnik's article 'How babies think'

The surprisingly logical minds of babies

In a fun, experiment-filled talk, cognitive scientist Laura Schulz shows how our young ones make decisions with a surprisingly strong sense of logic, well before they can talk.

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