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Early Years Foundation Stage


Observing children in the early years is of central importance in ensuring good high quality provision. Observations take place naturally during everyday activities and interactions. Some observations undertaken may relate to a need to find out about child, resources or spaces in a general way, other observations may be specifically carried out for particular reasons. Overall all adults (staff and parents) should have a shared understanding of, and commitment to, the need for on-going observations in supporting and promoting children's learning and development.

Logged-in users can download below two template documents produced by the Early Years team in Waltham Forest:

  • Characteristics of Learning & incidental observation
  • Planned Observations

'In the moment' Planning

Early Years Careers provides practitioners with a guide to 'in the moment' planning.

'In the moment' planning is all about capturing the children's current interests at that particular time. There is no need to plan in advance as this form of planning is based on what the child is doing and practitioners need to interact with the child to build on what the child is already doing (in the moment). Practitioners need the necessary skills to identify the child's interests and know when and how to intervene to help move the child's learning on.


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