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What happens in the baby room?

Baby room practitioners have a uniquely significant role, because they influence sensitive human beings during the most formative period of life. This is a tremendous responsibility and privilege.
A baby's whole being is reaching out to connect, to learn. If we were not accustomed to this miracle, we would be totally awed by every little child we see.

This training resource for baby room staff was inspired by amazement over babies and by a desire to honour those who work with them. When society gets its priorities right, everyone will aspire to the rewarding career of working with babies. Until then, we must at least support those who do.

Download this free resource supporting under-2s practitioners.

Children under three years: the time of their lives (Marion Dowling)

'There has been a revolution in our understanding of very young children. We now know that they are far more competent and capable than we ever realised. No longer do we regard young babies as helpless...........'

In this free publication Marion Dowling gives us an amazing insight into children's development in the first 3 years of life.

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