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Setting up & Registering your Business

Early Years Foundation Stage

There are many different arrangements for how a childcare provider can choose to operate. These include operating as part of a school; as a registered company with Companies House; as a registered charity with the Charities Commission; or as a sole trader/partnership registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). It is important that you choose the right legal status. The government has produced guidance about setting up a business

Childcare Business Grant

There is a government grant scheme for new childcare providers, which has been extended to all providers who registered with Ofsted in the last year, and the amount available has doubled: £500 for childminders and £1,000 for other provision.

If you have previously applied for and been in receipt of a Childcare Business Grant you are not eligible to apply again.

Visit the Childcare Business Grants Scheme website for further information and to apply.

Communicating business changes to Ofsted

The following changes need to be communicated to Ofsted, as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory guidance paragraphs 3.77 and 3.78:

  • any change in the address of the premises; to the premises which may affect the space available to children and the quality of childcare available to them; in the name or address of the provider, or the provider’s other contact information; to the person who is managing the early years provision; or in the persons aged 16 years or older living or working on childminding premises;
  • any proposal to change the hours during which childcare is provided; or to provide overnight care;
  • any significant event which is likely to affect the suitability of the early years provider or any person who cares for, or is in regular contact with, children on the premises to look after children;
  • where the early years provision is provided by a company, any change in the name or registered number of the company;
  • where the early years provision is provided by a charity, any change in the name or registration number of the charity;
  • where the childcare is provided by a partnership, body corporate or unincorporated association, any change to the 'nominated individual'; and
  • where the childcare is provided by a partnership, body corporate or unincorporated association whose sole or main purpose is the provision of childcare, any change to the individuals who are partners in, or a director, secretary or other officer or members of its governing body.

Where providers are required to notify Ofsted about a change of person except for managers, as specified above, providers must give Ofsted the new person's name, any former names or aliases, date of birth, and home address. If there is a change of manager, providers must notify Ofsted that a new manager has been appointed. Where it is reasonably practicable to do so, notification must be made in advance. In other cases, notification must be made as soon as is reasonably practicable, but always within 14 days. A registered provider who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with these requirements commits an offence.

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