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8. Policies and Procedures

Early Years Foundation Stage

Before you set up your out of school provision, you will need to have a list of policies and procedures in place.

It is advisable that you have the following in place and that these are all kept on site and are easy accessible:

Safeguarding Policy Providers must have and implement a policy, and procedures, to safeguard children. These should be in line with the guidance of the guidance and procedures of Waltham Forest's Safeguarding Children's Board. The safeguarding policy and procedures must include an explanation of the action to be taken in the event of an allegation being made against a member of staff, and cover the use of mobile phones and cameras in the setting. 
Full details can be found on the Safeguarding page on The Hub.
Complaints Policy Providers must have a written procedure for dealing with concerns and complaints from parents/carers.
All childcare providers must keep a record of any complaints they receive and their outcome.
All providers must investigate written complaints relating to their fulfilment of the EYFS requirements and notify complainants of the outcome of the investigation within 28 days of having received the complaint. The record of complaints must be made available to Ofsted on request.
Providers must make available to parents and/or carers details about how to contact Ofsted, if they believe the provider is not meeting the EYFS requirements.
Full details can be found on the Complaints page on The Hub.
Equalities Policy Although a provider does not need to have an equal opportunities policy, having one allows employees to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits.
The Equality Act came into force from October 2010 providing a single legal framework with clear, streamlined law to more effectively tackle disadvantage and discrimination. It ensures consistency in what an childcare provider needs to do to make their workplace a fair environment and to comply with the law.
Full details can be found on the Equality Act page on The Hub.
Health and Safety Policy It is important that all providers must ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.
To ensure that provision adhere to this:
- Providers must have, and implement, a health and safety policy, and procedures, which cover identifying, reporting and dealing with accidents, hazards and faulty equipment.
- Providers must have a no smoking policy, and must prevent smoking in a room, or outside play area, when children are present or about to be present.
- Providers must have a clear and well-understood policy, and procedures, for assessing any risks to children's safety, and review risk assessments regularly. Although there is no written requirement to keep risk assessments, we advocate recording actions taken to rectify risks in order to demonstrate to Ofsted there is an embedded policy in place.
- Providers must take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised persons entering the premises, and have an agreed procedure for checking the identity of visitors.
Full details can be found on the Health & Safety page on The Hub.


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