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1. Establish the need

Early Years Foundation Stage

Before setting up an after school club, it is important to determine the need in the area. It is useful to analyse the local competition and review whether or not there is a gap in the market for your childcare setting.

A good place to start is by reading the latest Childcare Sufficiency Assessment which shows current supply and demand for childcare and education in Waltham Forest.

The Waltham Forest Directory (formerly the Children and Young People's Directory) also provides information on what clubs and childcare settings there are in the area surrounding a school.

In addition schools should carry out surveys/consultation with parents to determine the school community's specific needs, which they may be willing to share with local providers.


1. Establish the need 2. Determine the business structure3. Identify sources of funding4. Premises5. Registration with Ofsted6. Staffing and Employment7. Materials and Resources8. Policies and Procedures9. Marketing and Promotion

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