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Important news about The Hub website affecting all registered users

We would like to let you know about our future plans for The Hub website, the Education Network for Waltham Forest.

The Hub was set up in 2014 by the Council and was intended to provide a one-stop-shop for education professionals in the borough. To this end, we believe we have been successful in creating an online presence within Waltham Forest that caters for the range of education stakeholders in the community. To date, we have over 3,600 registered users of The Hub, covering the range of education professionals in the borough, as well as users from non-education organisations in Waltham Forest and non-Waltham Forest professionals.

Unfortunately, owing to funding pressures, we are unable to continue providing The Hub's service without a contribution from schools and settings in the borough. Full access to the website will therefore be restricted to schools and settings that do.

The main restrictions will be around the:

The Hub acts as the main communication portal for all education guidance and briefings from Waltham Forest Council colleagues. This information will, therefore, sit behind a paywall in future. In order to see the information, a visitor will need to log-in and be from a subscribing school/setting (as determined from the information they submitted when registering).

Information about our education strategy, the local context, our Council services, our Directory of Schools & Settings, as well as our Events & Training Directory will remain open to all.

We believe the website is a useful resource for all schools and settings in Waltham Forest, hence why we have been in conversation with them asking for a contribution towards its ongoing service.

All Ofsted-registered Early Years and Out of School Care providers in Waltham Forest will automatically be subscribed for 2017-18, as these providers have already collectively agreed to help fund The Hub through the Early Years Funding Block (schools providing the FEEE will also have access to the Early Years & Childcare section, owing to this reason).

We do believe subscribing will be the easiest way for schools and settings in Waltham Forest to stay up-to-date with all things education-wise in Waltham Forest. It also opens up networking possibilities in our online community and means they can access the full range of resources and guidance that the Council's education teams produce.

One thing that will not change is that all current registered users will still continue to receive our fortnightly e-newsletter, which contains details of all of our updates that we post on The Hub. So Waltham Forest schools and settings will continue to be aware of our key messages.

Unfortunately, for registered users that are linked to non-education organisations in Waltham Forest and non-Waltham Forest professionals, the information in these restricted sections will no longer be accessible. As the site's guidance, resources and briefings are primarily for Waltham Forest education professionals, these other organisations have not been asked for a contribution. However, if your organisation is still interested in subscribing, then please contact us for a bespoke quotation (using the email address below).

If a school from Waltham Forest has decided not to help contribute towards the funding of The Hub, then access to The Hub for staff members from that school will be restricted. The timeline for this will differ – non-subscribing non-maintained schools will have access to The Hub restricted from Monday 25th September 2017, whereas non-subscribing maintained schools will continue to have access up until the end of March 2018, after which the website will be restricted.

We hope all schools and settings in Waltham Forest conclude that The Hub is to the benefit of all those who work in education in the borough, to help them provide a better education for the children in Waltham Forest and, therefore, reach the decision to help fund this resource collectively.


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Wednesday, 20 September, 2017
Last updated: 20 September 2017 by Barry Fong