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The Securing Improvement Group

The Securing Improvement Group (SIG) is Waltham Forest's key forum driving school monitoring and intervention.

The SIG is a discretionary forum which has been created to support the local authority in fulfilling its statutory duties in relation to the promotion of high educational standards and intervening early in schools causing concern.

Participation from primary and secondary Headteachers ensures transparency of any decision regarding school monitoring and intervention. The Headteacher representatives also provide insights into the impact of issues on schools and advice on the support and intervention that is likely to be most effective.

The core functions of the SIG include:

  • Reviewing school performance using the risk register and intelligence from School Improvement Consultants (SIC).
  • Reviewing factors that may impact on school performance.
  • Reviewing and allocating school risk ratings.
  • Considering support or intervention that may be needed – including potential school support partners.
  • Monitoring progress of SCC and review progress of all others.

Current school representatives:

Deborah Hammond (primary representative)

Andy Stone (secondary representative)

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Tuesday, 24 March, 2015
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