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How will we achieve our ambition?

Education in Waltham Forest

  • Our ability to establish and maintain respectful relationships with parents and families is critical and central to all that we do, supporting them when necessary to build capacity in order for them to be effective in their role as primary carers and educators of their children
  • Children, parents and families will be aware of the early childhood services available to them to support their child's development and other family needs, able to access services where and when they need them most, and take them up.
  • All early childhood services will be of high quality and evidence-based to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved
  • Collaborative processes will be strengthened to enable needs to be identified early and appropriate support to be put in place at the earliest opportunity
  • Early childhood services will work in partnership to identify and maximise internal and external funding available in order to deliver quality services
  • Available resources will be maximised using best value principles and through greater integration and partnership working, particularly between Public Health and Children Centre and Early Years Childcare providers
  • Resources will be targeted at where there is greatest need
  • Early childhood services will be supported by a well-qualified and properly skilled workforce
  • Evaluation processes will be able to measure the impact of early help services, which in turn informs service planning
  • Services known to make a difference will be commissioned, both internally and externally to meet identified need

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Thursday, 18 February, 2016
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