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Our ambition

Education in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest is committed to ensuring the highest quality learning experiences for all its children and young people, be it through child care, early learning, statutory schooling, post-16 provision and into adult learning. Children and young people will be healthy and safe in all settings.

We are passionate that all of our children and young people will:

  • Be challenged to achieve the very best outcomes and be stimulated to develop their creativity and critical thinking.
  • Be empowered to continue learning throughout their adult lives.
  • Have an understanding of the political, economic and technological developments that will shape their world, characterised by their sense of social and environmental responsibility.
  • Have the skills which will enable them to participate, influence and shape their futures.
  • Have a strong principled understanding of and opposition to any form of discrimination and inequality.

In Waltham Forest we recognise and promote the power of partnership working: a partnership between families, education providers, the local authority and other key professional groups in ensuring that the Waltham Forest offer is amongst the best in the country.

Waltham Forest promotes and enables a self-improving system that is supported by sharp, robust accountability. This self-improving system is fundamental to sustained improvement and is underpinned by a series of key and instrumental features:

  • Clear leadership
  • Evidence/research/data
  • Timely planning
  • Quality/relevant/recent expertise
  • Good governance
  • Strong moral purpose
  • Systemic behaviour change

As a partnership we will always promote the highest standards of learning, ensure fair access and equal opportunity and together share a clear vision that demonstrates ambition and creativity.

The Waltham Forest partnership will ensure that sufficient focus and resource is applied to ensure the effective delivery of our ambition. Service delivery will adhere to the following principles:

  • The highest quality local provision for all who require it (sufficiency) – Early Years, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4/5, Post-16
  • That children and young people are in the right educational setting for the right reasons and for the right length of time
  • That transition points for children and young people are as seamless as possible, ensuring continued high quality teaching and learning
  • That the promotion and sharing of best practice, locally, nationally and internationally, underpins our shared development
  • That under-performance is swiftly and transparently challenged so as not to compromise the learning of our children and young people. This will be done through robust quality assurance methods
  • That any new providers coming into Waltham Forest share our vision and ambition and contribute to our developing success
  • That a variety of models of co-production and self-improving systems are encouraged and nurtured, including:

- School to school collaborations
- Teaching alliances
- Federations hard and soft
- Academy chains
- Free School alliances
- National leaders in education
- Lead teachers
- Practice networks
- Constituent-led collaboratives (e.g. Secondary Challenge, Primary Partnership)

In this section of The Hub, we set out our shared ambition for the Waltham Forest partnership in relation to four key areas of delivery (click on the links below to find out more):

Each section outlines the current position in relation to the offer within Waltham Forest and articulates our ambition for the future. The next step in this process will be for the partnership to agree an action plan to deliver our ambition for Waltham Forest.

If you want to read the full 'Ambition for Education in Waltham Forest' strategy document finalised in August 2016, you can download it below after logging-in.


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