Starting a nursery class in a school (including for 2 year olds)

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The Early Years Foundation Stage section of The Hub outlines all of the requirements that schools need to be aware of to comply with their legal obligations with regard to the Early Years. Schools should also be aware of their general responsibilities and obligations as education providers. Guidance is provided in the Schools & Colleges section of The Hub.

Once you are familiar with these requirements, you can e-mail the Education Business Support team who will direct you to the most appropriate officer to provide support, advice and guidance in their area of work if you want to start delivering nursery provision, or want to extend your existing provision to care for 2 year olds as well.

a) Learning, Development & Assessment Requirements

  • Early Years Improvement Consultant (0-4 years)
  • Lead Consultant (4-7 years) & EYFS Moderation Manager

b) Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements

  • Education Business Consultant
    Advice on employment, health & safety (non-premises related), equality, data protection, safeguarding/duty of care, legal status of organisation, accounting/finance and business planning, information on the type of childcare we need and where it is needed.

Schools are reminded that as of 26th May 2015 the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act (2015) removed the requirement for schools to register their early years provision for two-year-olds separately with Ofsted, so long as it met certain requirements. Read the full briefing note to schools here.

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