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Ofsted inspections

Inspectors of Early Years education focus on the quality of the service for individual children and young people. During an inspection, inspectors collect first-hand evidence based on the practice they observe and what they learn from the people using the service. They use this evidence and other information available to make their professional judgements which they publish in inspection reports.

If providers become aware that they are to be inspected, they must notify parents and/or carers. After an inspection, providers must supply a copy of the report to parents and/or carers of children attending on a regular basis.

For a range of early years providers, Ofsted also act as a regulator, checking that people, premises and the services provided are suitable to care for children and potentially vulnerable young people. Where childcare providers do not meet the required standards, Ofsted require them to take the necessary action to improve or do not license them to operate. However setting up and operating early years provision also entails compliance with other statutory requirements, for example those relating to planning and building control, health and safety, employment law, food and hygiene, disability and anti-discriminatory legislation. These are not within Ofsted’s remit.

Below we have displayed links to important information published by Ofsted and relating to Ofsted Early Years inspections. This is not a comprehensive list of all documents published by Ofsted, but provides a guide as to the ones that are most relevant to you as a childcare provider.  


Being inspected as a childminder or childcare provider

Registration with Ofsted

Become a registered early years or childcare provider in England

How to register as a childminder or nanny: quick guide

Inspection frameworks – what Ofsted look for

Common inspection framework: education, skills and early years

Framework for the regulation of provision on the Childcare Register

Early years inspection handbook

Early years inspections: myths

Report template for early years inspections with guidance

Early years newsletter

Conducting Childcare Register inspections

Use of Ofsted logos and copyright

Other work that Ofsted does

Early years provider non-compliance: action by Ofsted

Getting it right first time - survey report describing features of strong leadership in early years provision

Early years: Leading to excellence

Ofsted Annual Reports

Ofsted Annual Report 2016/17 

Ofsted Annual Report 2015/16: education, early years and skills

Ofsted Annual Report 2014/15: education and skills

Ofsted Annual Report 2013/14

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