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What is an after school club?

After school clubs provide childcare after school for those generally aged from 4 years to 12 years although some are able to cater for older children as part of the Government's extended schools agenda.

Clubs are either offered by a school or by an external childcare provider based at a school or local community venue. Some schools opt to fulfil the requirement themselves, others invite individuals (such as Childminders, who are able to offer childcare provision on a school site under their current Ofsted childminding registration), playgroups, or other private childcare providers to meet the requirements on their behalf.

That is not to say that all schools have to provide out of school care themselves. If schools can demonstrate that there is little or no demand for extended services, they can satisfy the Government requirements merely by signposting to other local provision, such as childminders or nearby out of school clubs.

However, if there is a definite need, schools are required to implement out of school care, but again this does not have to be provided by the school itself.

How do you set up an after school club?

When thinking of setting up your after school provision, following these 9 steps are a good place to start:

1. Establish the need Before setting up an after school club it is important to determine the need in the area.
2. Determine the business structure When setting up after school provision it is important to determine what business structure you will operate under and set up a clear business plan at the start.
3. Identify sources of funding Identify clear sources of funding for delivery.
4. Premises Finding a suitable premises for set up of your after school club.
5. Registration with Ofsted Once you have determined your business model and found the premises, it is important that you make the necessary arrangements to register with Ofsted. Please note that Ofsted registration can take up to 12 weeks.
6. Staffing and Employment Identifying the staffing requirements to run an after school club.
7. Materials and Resources It is important that you have the relevant materials and resources to run the sessions
8. Policies and Procedures Before you set up your out of school provision, you will need to have a list of policies and procedures in place.
9. Marketing and Promotion Ensuring that you have significant resources into marketing your out of school club.

Useful links

Out of School Alliance – for full details on how to set up an after school club, up to date information about policy and procedures and funding updates.

Ofsted – information on registration can be found here.

Family and Childcare Trust

Early Years Foundation Stage guidance on The Hub

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